Exploring Strength and Expression in the Female Figure

Exploring Strength and Expression in the Female Figure – A level project 3 For my first project in the second year of A level there were no limitations as to what I could do. This was a first for me, as I had spent my whole artistic journey up to that point, following project titles and being directed as to what artists to look at and what art I should produce. I was originally interested in exploring figurativ
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Resin Casting

As part of the 3D pathway, we had a workshop working with plastic. I was particularly drawn to resin casting, as I could see the vast potential of opportunities from a simple method. Firstly, I used a vacuum packing technique to create a mould around an object I had made in one of the previous wood workshops. I then poured Resin into this mould, also adding purple pigment, to add a bit of colour. This worked really w
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Shoe Design

Duck Inspired Shoes

For the past couple of months I have been looking at bird designs and have been fascinated by the interesting patterns and textures which can be found on a single bird. Looking specifically at ducks, I started to create a series of prints and experimented using a variety of markings and textures inspired by the peculiar bird. Soon I began to identify a close connection between the shape of the duck and the shape of c
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