Frank Stella

In the past couple of months I have discovered the artist Frank Stella and he has become my favourite to date! I adore everything about work, especially his prints and sculptures. Stella’s use of colour and texture is so eye catching and exciting, you cant help but stop and stare. He has created a whole new language with his art, which is totally original, yet so familiar to the audience! I think this is one of the biggest ambitions of any artist, to create work that has never been done before, yet is so recognizable and relatable. Picasso is one example of an artist who has achieved this originality, creating a whole new language through this art.

Stella is a really big inspiration in my work at the moment, especially his expressive sculpture. Here are a few images that I love the most…

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I had a go creating some pieces inspired by his work, using materials such a cardboard and wire mesh. I loved the outcome of these experiments, and it is definitely something I want to explore further as I gain more context behind my work.

IMG_4363 IMG_4383 IMG_4385

When looking into Stella I came across a few youtube videos which explain some of his work and theories in more depth. One that stood out was all about why Frank Stella shapes his canvas’. He said ‘Rather than painting full of gestures, the painting became a gesture’. I think this is something that I am going to carry throughout my work, making what I want to paint on in a specific shape that I desire rather settling for a pre-shaped canvas. I think this would increase the dynamic feel of the work.