Final Major Exhibition

We’ve been working on our final major project since the end of February and its whizzed by. This week was our summer exhibition which rounds up our art foundation year!  When it came to what we were going to put in the exhibition, we pretty much had free reign. For me I wanted my work to reflect all the development and research that had occurred in this project in one ambitious piece.

Before this year I had only ever experimented with paint and 2D work. As I am going on to study footwear design I have been really trying to explore and expand my experience with 3D work. My final major project is titled ‘abstraction of reality’ and is focused around 3D abstract art which is inspired by my surroundings aiming to create a familiarity for the audience.

Over a number of weeks prior to the exhibition I spent hours in the work shop cutting various shapes out of wood and shaping metal, ready to be primed and painted for my piece. These were all shapes inspired by my primary research I had collected over the course of the project, which included photographs I had taken when out and about of interesting shapes and textures that you sometimes don’t notice on a daily basis.

As my exhibition piece was more of an installation, I had to wait until the studio was fully ready and I had my space until I could start confirming the composition and putting it up. This created a whole load of challenges I hadn’t originally anticipated would occur. I spent at least two attaching and reattaching pieces to the wall and trying out many compositions and combinations of the shapes.

The final composition included a number of pieces made out of wood, molded metal sheet, aluminum wire and reflective perspex. I had also experimented materials such as acrylic plastic, resin and wire mesh, however I felt these over crowded the piece. My materials were all sourced from what I could find around the college and in the skip. One thing that I have realised within my work this year is that I am very keen on recycling materials and reusing scraps that would have otherwise been wasted; what I love about this is the satisfaction when see the final outcome and transformation of the material.

The main focus when installing the work was creating a even flow between the shapes. I wanted to have a natural movement in the work with a subtle sense of familiarity without forcing this upon the viewer. Several occasions occurred where I had to move pieces as they created implications of what I wanted the work to be about. One example would be when two shapes looked like legs implying the work was some sort of creature.

Here are some images of the final product!…..

IMG_6159 IMG_6158IMG_6160IMG_6142IMG_6141

When reflecting on my exhibition piece I can really see it being used as some sort of window display/fashion set. Its given me lots of ideas for my future practice, especially the use of bold shapes and colours. I am really happy with the outcome and how its all come together; I am especially happy with the fact I feel I have captured a good sense of movement and dynamism within it!