One Design That I Love

In preparation for University interviews I was asked to write a short paragraph about one design that I love. When I initially saw the brief, I had no idea how I would pick just one design, whether it being fashion orientated, or more architectural/interior based. However I thought back to an artist who I discovered a couple of months ago, and one of his projects that I felt really passionate about.

Gregory Kloehn is an artist based in California, best known for his ‘Homeless Homes Project’.

Kloehn came up with a low cost, practical solution to create shelter for those living on the streets. He up-cycles illegally dumped trash, commercial waste and excess household items he finds, and turns them into shelters for those living on the streets. Kloehn describes that adopting the otherwise disused garbage as a medium for architectural development ‘diminishes money’s influence over the building process‘ and transforms the rejected debris into an object of hope and happiness.
What I love about Gregory Kloehns design is that he is recycling old materials, and turning them into a sense of security and privacy for those who have nothing, battling two of the worst issues I think are facing our world today, homelessness and global warming. He also puts emphasis on the fact that you don’t need to have money to create a successful design, its all about resourcefulness and how creative and imaginative you can be with what you’ve got.
Not only are the shelters small and on wheels, making them easy to move locations, Kloehn also has a special attention to detail, working with an animated colour scheme and intricate design details such as the tiny doors embellished with mirrors and windows.


recycled-homeless-homes-project-gregory-kloehn-1 - Copy recycled-homeless-homes-project-gregory-kloehn-3 - Copy recycled-homeless-homes-project-gregory-kloehn-4 recycled-homeless-homes-project-gregory-kloehn-11
recycled-homeless-homes-project-gregory-kloehn-20 - Copy